Virginia Label Company provides quality label solutions along with professional customer support. Virginia Label Company specializes in digital and flexo labels, custom label kits and fulfillment. Virginia Label Company's goal is not only to meet your current labeling needs but to go the extra step and offer new solutions for your label applications.

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Virginia Label Company provides service for customers across the U.S. Call Virginia Label Company at (804) 290-0393 today and let us assist you with all your business label needs.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Virginia Label Company offers label solutions for all your specific needs, including:

  • Thermal Labels
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical
  • Digital Prototype Labels
  • Digital Die Cutting
  • Durable Labels
  • Short Run Labels
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Variable Data
  • Distribution & Shipping
  • Hospital Signs
  • Bar Coding Security Labels
  • Direct Mail
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Horticulture
  • Coupons
  • Wine Labels
  • Private Labels
  • Hanging Labels
  • Packing Labels
  • Product Labels
  • Pre-printed Labels
  • Piggyback Labels
  • Laminated Labels
  • Law Labels
  • Logo Labels
  • Traffic Labels

    Material Handling and general warehouse supplies

    Once Virginia Label helps you with your custom label and decal needs, you are going to need some warehouse equipment to help you store and move all your product.

    The Direct Solutions Family of business offers thousands of material handling and general warehouse items to help you with all your warehouse and business needs...

    Virginia Label Company ships via UPS from Richmond, Virginia to your location

  • Label Equipment

    Product label making equipment at Virginia Label Company, the Matan Spring 12 The Matan Spring 12 is the ultimate industrial solution for labels, tags & ticket converting industries, producing quality short-run labels, tags and decals, The Matan Spring 12 offers unsurpassed flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability.
    Read more about Virginia Label's Matan Spring 12....
    Looking for label printer repair?

    Visit our parent company
    Direct Solutions!

    Product label making equipment at Virginia Label Company - the DFS Digital Die Cutter The DFS - Digital Die Cutter is a roll to roll converting solution that allows users to laminate, die-cut, strip and slit in one production pass. The DFS can cut any custom shape on demand without the inherent costs, delays and limitations of traditional die cutting processes.
    Read more about Virginia Label's DFS - Die Cutting System.....

    Creating your labels

    Virginia Label can custom design your labels and help you brand and market your company and product. Our graphic designers create original, distinctive artwork using Adobe Illustrator, or, of course, Virginia Label can work with an existing product or company logo.

    To submit your artwork call Virginia Label Company at 804.290.0393 and we will help you decide whether to submit your label artwork via e-mail or whether you should submit your label artwork online. Please limit online artwork submissions to files no larger than 20 megabytes.

    Frequently asked questions about the process of creating yur labels and delivering your labels For more information about how Virginia Label Company can assist you with any label solution, click here for our FAQ about the creation of your labels and the delivery process of your finished labels.

    Banners & Engraving

    Virginia Label Company also does banners and engraving.

    Banner sign services includes four color process with six print heads and eco-solvent inks with 2-year, outdoor durability even without laminating. Banners range in dimension from 60" width to infinite length. Virginia Label offers a wide variety of substrates including:

  • banner
  • vinyl
  • canvas
  • paper, and more

    Engraving services from Virginia Label company include: signs, tags, plates, equipment labels and tags. Virginia Label Company can engrave on plastic, brass, aluminum or stainless steel. Engraved signs can come in any combination of colors for any application.

    Cooler Tags shelf labels Cooler Tags is the home of the TagCaddy application which enables users to customize shelf tags with brand data and logos, measures, pricing and color. Just select the data you want to display and the shelf tag will be "stacked" into a queue to be printed. This product is great for beverage distributors to use for C-Stores or even the smallest mom and pop store that carries a variety of your products in their coolers. Read more about Cooler Tags....

    Cooler Tags brings you Tag Caddy, web-based software for printing out shelf tags to staisfy all your C-Store shelf tag requirements.

    Direct Solutions

    Virginia Label Company and CoolerTags are both members of the Direct Solutions Family of Businesses. Direct Solutions provides detailed assessments of inventory management and product identification systems and 360 degree support and service for the complete implementation of all recommendations whether a barcode-based or RFID system.

    Direct Solutions is also a wholesale distributor of earth-friendly packaging equipment and supplies. For more about green packaging solutions from Direct Solutions visit

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